Friday, December 18, 2009

the blind side?!?!?

One week ago I saw the blind side which I was excited to see (even though I hate football). Overall the movie was really good, great acting, good story, and best of all it was a true story. You really fall in love with the main character BIG MIKE and Sandra Bullock who plays a rich wife that takes in BIG MIKE and treats him like part of the family. This is not just a football story it is also a love story that will touch your heart. I give this great movie three and a half stars out of four, TWO THUMBS UP! A must see but you could easily get the same affect of watching this movie at home so if you really want to see this go see it in the theater but otherwise Id say wait till DVD if you want to save a little money. And this movie might not be so great for kids under the age of ten; this movie is appropriate for kids, just kids under the age of ten might not enjoy it so much. It is a very deep story filled with loving and caring moments around every corner sure to please audiences of all ages.

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