Friday, December 18, 2009

going 2 see avatar

Alright so my names Nathan and i love movies I see a different movie every weekend. Most critics give terrible reviews on movies so that's why I'm doing these movie blogs from now on because the public needs real reviews from real people like me. So if you are ever debating about going to see a movie or not, all you have to do is check out my blog ill give you precise info about the movie and tell you if the movie is more for adults or children and who would enjoy the movie more. I love movies so much I break them down into pieces after I see them and find out why I loved or hated the movie so much. Ill rank the movie 1-4 stars and give it two thumbs up or two thumbs down and tell you if the movie is worth seeing in the theater. So today I'm going to see AVATAR in 3D and there are alot of mixed reviews from the critics; I'm a huge James Cameron fan and I'm really excited for the movie but alot of critics are saying the dialog and story is really weak. The movie is 252min and is rated PG-13 for sensuality,warfare,some smoking,language and intense battle sequences. My movie starts at 11:50am and ill be back between 4 and 5'o'clock to review the movie. Also when I get back Ill review movies Ive seen over the last couple of weeks. I hope this blog is helpful and that you will be using my blogs in the near future.

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